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Exercise Prescription

You will receive a personalized exercise program including all the main components of fitness. Designed for a person in need of an exercise program or those looking to modify their current program. Includes M3 Fitness Foundation Program and personalized video

90 min.



Assisted Stretching

You do your cardio and I do the rest. Designed to enhance your stretching experience and increase your range of motion.

30 min



Personal Training

Designed for the individual who needs guidance, motivation, accountability, and structure.

                         Residential and Corporate On - Site  Pricing

4 Session  ( 1 X week )             ___   $ 340                

          8 Sessions  ( 2 X week )           ___  $ 600 

                     12 Sessions ( 3 X week )           ___  $  840


Traveler's Workout

Designed for the frequent traveler, this program will teach you how to execute a full strength-training workout with limited space, time and equipment. Includes personalized video

50 min.



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