The state-of-the art patented resistance and flexibility training device offers progressive resistance for multiple fitness levels. The ability to isolate targeted muscle groups through a full range of motion in combination with body stabilization sets this system apart from the rest. It's the ideal workout tool that can be used anytime anywhere. All that's needed is a space to begin a safe, effective total body-conditioning program to achieve maximum results in minimum time.


Creator of the "Total Body MAT"


Suzi received her Bachelor of Science degree in Sports and Fitness from Salem State University. She is Internationally Certified through the American Council on Exercise, is a member of the International Dance and Exercise Association and her company, Creative Fitness, LLC, manufactures the Total Body MAT, the widely acclaimed portable training system which she invented, developed and patented.

Suzi works with individuals, families, private groups, and corporations, helping them to improve overall health. She focuses on the importance of resistance training equipment to increase muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility, boost metabolism, improve posture, and reduce risk of injury.

The Total Body Mat Portable Training System


"It’s an entire gym on a MAT,” she says of her patented compact training unit. Offering a range of exercise choices, all your necessary equipment is in one place, ensuring that you'll get an effective total body workout in less than 30 minutes.


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